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Posted on 2006.02.04 at 12:20
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Current Music: Wake Me Up Beforee You Go-Go - WHAM!

Okay, so an absolute SHIT load has happened this past week and a half, and wil prompt me to only (on a regular basis) update this journal every Saturday, my only full day off.  Wait - does this mean I have a JOB?!?  Oh yes it indeedy do!

I have THREE jobs.

First - I still have my part time job at the comic shop, though this may soon go by the wayside, as it's the least important (though novel), lowet paid, and it's just that touch of too much that'll send me into burn-out mode if I'm not careful.  Let's put it this way: I worked 8am-2am yesterday.  Yup, that's 8am Friday morning to 2am SATURDAY morning switching from on job to the next with no downtime whatsoever outside of the metro ride between, so that'll be just too damn much, and might get in the way of job #3.

Second - I'm full time at ORENS COFFEE.  Now before we all groan that I'm back at a coffee shop, it's full time, gives FULL BENEFITS after only 30 days, and I'm making about $100 of additional tips per five-day work week in addition to my paycheck so I can't even think of a better job for me right now.  And the hours (if I cut the comic shop job out) are very supportive of:

THIRD - I'M A WRITER!!!  No, I mean I'm getting PUBLISHED online!!!  I've been accepted as an ongoing reviewer for the comic book website www.brokenfrontier.com - oh, YEAH, baby!  My first reviews should be posted this week, so go check it out! [it oughtta be the review for THE WITCH KING Graphic Novel by Phosphorescent Comics]  I'll be doing a minimum of two reviews per week after this and can do more if time allows.

Now add to this my novel I'm still plugging away at [I'm at 170 pages now!] plus more or less living with my girlfriend which mean I have to actually take time to HAVE a relationship [can't just claim I have one and keep writing at all hours], and I am one busy-ass bee.

Oh, christ, yeah, and my night classes started this week, too.  Guh.  I will still be posting my  novel here shortly, but I'll wait until I've adjusted to the new working schedule and make sure I have time and I'm not sacrificing any of my very, very cool and important-to-me jobs.  Looks like it's all beginning!

I'll be coming down within the next few week to visit everyone in VA, so mark your calandars!  I'm not sure when quite yet, but it should be a weekend, as I work all week and I have to maintain a minimum of 30 hours per week, meaning I'll need to miss only one day [Friday] of work and then get my but back there on Sunday, so Friday/Saturday are the days!  Probably in the next two or three weeks [end of Feb].  Be ready for me cause I require a lot of attention and upkeep, dammit!  I'm a star, now, you bastards and I expect to be treated like one!

Okay, ciao! --sonofhowell


blueringed at 2006-02-07 01:48 (UTC) (Link)
If you can handle sharing the spotlight and feel up to being social, you should come to my b-day party on the 25th. Evite coming soon...
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