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Well, okay, enough of the old prose...

Posted on 2006.01.25 at 12:24
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Current Music: Still stuck on Richard Band - he's as good as Danny Elfman!
Aaaaand that as they say is that. Enough with the older, not-so-good-but-I-still-like-it fiction. Just re-resding the stuff I've been posting has been a wince-filled experience. They're decent for amateur, beginner short stories [and any which way I SUCK at short stories - my mind only ever gets into "the zone" when I'm banging out an epic], but I've been steadily plugging away on my novel for the past half-year [164 pages so far! That's single-spaced 12pt font! That's like 200+ paperback pages! Whoo-hoo!] which should be the first ever epic I actually FINISH and it's the SMALLEST epic I've ever conceived of and the puppy oughta clock in at around 500 pages or so [700-800 paperback pages].
My writing has improved ENORMOUSLY for having been this dedicated on a single project, and while I am still proud of these early shorts, they're not exactly what I want to expose the public or my friends to as "the example" of my work. Though I'm debating how now precisely I'm going to post the novel online. I've already noticed that the first 50-60 pages will more than likely need to be rewritten when the novel is finished in order for the style and skill to reflect evenly throughout [pages 60-164 developed a voice and solid style that puts the beginning to shame, as is natural I think for a first novel], so now I'm reticent to just start posting it one chapter at a time, so how about this - how about I just post the LATEST work I'm doing and all you pokies out there write in and tell me what you think. I'll give a synopsis to catch you up, though honestly I don't think it'll be necessary with a tale like this [it's pretty loosey-goosey plot wise].
So, yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do. I'll start posting the latest chapters and then after the whole thing is done I'll go back and rewrite the beginning and post those as I go and then it'll be complete and I'll officially be a novelist!
On the job front, I got a call from ORENS Coffee and have an interview tomorrow so wish me luck on getting a second part time or full time with them so I can keep my apartment! I also found two internships that don't require me to be a student or receive school credit [One is La Italiana Cucina Magazine and the other is a nicely high-profile book publisher called FARRAR, STRAUS AND GIROUX so wish me luck on those as well.
Okay, today I at loooooong last move into my Brooklyn apartment to live in city-boy bliss with three other women plus I'll still have my suger-momma girlfriend on the side when I need to live the lavish life. I know I've told a few of you that I was going to abandon the Brooklyn place, but in the end I may just get a full time job soon enough and I'll never find a place with a better price, so I think I'll stay latched on for as long as I can.
Alrighty then, I'm outtie. --sonofhowell

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