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Posted on 2006.01.19 at 13:33
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Oingo Boingo - Wierd Science
Well, thank you all for your kind words and support [though not coddling] during my recent identitiy/regional/job crisis. The good news is that this whole ordeal seems to have at long last allowed me to really kick and scream and rail at this city, get it out of my system, and the past few days I have honestly been seeing this place with kind eyes again. The deprogramming of my many years in suburbia may be finally subsiding and giving in to the inevitable adjustment of the great and greater urbanity, and all those things I theoretically thought I would enjoy about this place I am now actually enjoying!
Maybe it has to do with the "starving artist" shtick, in the sense that, when struggling, the city seems like the palce to be, a place where if I had to panhandle on the street, well...that's actually an option! And I dunno, having little money, zero responsibility [back to being an hourly wage worker] but a lifetime of drive [a short life so far, but still] and all of a sudden I remember why I'm here, and I LIKE why I'm here, and dammit this book is gonna be finished off of two cups of coffee and one $5 meal per day [that's my current budget - I can even buy a $0.75 bagel in the morning, plus two $2 pizza slices and call it a three meal day!].
So I'm now 152 pages in, have completed and put the seal on "PART 3" of the book [it's a seven-part/seven day story] and am about to write the first line of day four, which is a very cool thing - I've never gone this far with a project before, not EVER, and I am not about to stop now!]
So I hope everyone's well and I wish you all luck as I hope you all wish me. I'll let everyone know when I next can get back home, so until then, keep checking back here for updates! I'm abaout to begin posting my next "short" story and then I'll begin with the novel after that! Whoo-hoo, I can't wait! --sonofhowell

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