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A Novel and Life in Progress

3 July
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The Son of Howell Say:
Love life because life brings imagination and imagination brings us KAIJU and COMICS and GENRE FICTION and SATIRE and SURREALISM and LITERATURE and all the things that make every ounce of pain and loss and drudgery that can pass through our lives with seeming somnolent perpetuity worth every coated, tristesse moment. Next time you're feeling low - read fan-fic and then an opening chapter of an Emily Bronte novel and then quickly follow up by watching FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD. Everything just seems that more satisfying after a list of activities like that.
Always do what you love, always do what you think is right, understand the difference between "what you want" and what you "think is right", and never hesitate to fail fail fail and fail some more if it allows you to uphold these two iconic ideals.
And appreciate the complexity of complexity without allowing it to become what is culturally deemed "art". Everything purely creative is art. Simple does not equal poor and original does not necessitate quality. Subsequently, a loathing should always be embranced and enjoyed just as much as a love. Umderstand what you loathe just as much as what you like: fear of the unknown is not the same as true disgust - TRUE disgust is an immensely enjoyable experience. Allow this love of hate to propel you to create what only you, through your very personal blend of predilictions and die-hard aversions and the reasonings you put to these, CAN create.
Originality is a natural thing. No one should have to try - it's the trying that's unoriginal.
Oh, and me? I'm an amateur writer, couldn't you tell? I can't wait for the day I get to change that statement!