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Well, been a few days, but I'm still here hoo-ray hoo-ray

Posted on 2006.01.16 at 18:12
Current Mood: sillysilly
Current Music: Oingo Boingo - Party of the Dead
Well, I survived my employ-less weekend, my girlfriend's back in town, I've written 12 pages in my novel in two and a half-days [and plane to finish the chapter tonight with a few MORE pages!] and I had the interview with the comic book store today and I'll be starting at a VERY meager $7 per hour [this affords me bills, $10 per day for food/drink, and about $150 of extra per month. Yeesh.], though hopefully this is only as long as he feels he can give me more responsibilities/raises, which he figures he wants me to be one of the big-wiggy assistant manager types, but he's tried to promise such things before only to have the potential candidate turn out to be a real head case, so he'll just say he wants to but NO promises, which actually after the Greenberrys fiasco of six months of being strung along on just those kind of promises, this suits me just fine.
I got a call from the Hollywood Video in Falls Church [you know the one, Buddha!] to set up an interview, but today I decided to bite the big one for once and for all and NOT turn back and not go home again. I've wanted to, GOD but I wanted to - especially lately with the doom and gloom of Snappy the past month or so, but it's just plain time to really struggle my ass off and make my life work.
I miss you guys [Buddha, Christine, and my cat...okay, AND my parents...], and I miss the long get-50-pages-read-per-day walks around the Mclean suburbs, and man but I've been internally kicking and screaming to come back home...but for better or for worse this is my home now.
So I'm off to go write and pretend like I'm a real-life starving artist. Oh, wait - I AM a real-life starving artist. Heh. Time to get jiggy with it... --sonofhowell


blueringed at 2006-01-17 01:40 (UTC) (Link)
When in doubt about your new home, just remember the conversation we had about how apathetic and uninterested New Yorkers are and how much you love that. The pesky McLean neighbors are just waiting for you to come back so they can ask you where you've been all this time. Mwha ha ha!

I miss you too. Now that I have a real job and will hopefully have some extra cash soon, I need to come up and visit you & Christina.
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